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  • Paradise Framing is your best source for museum-quality Halbe frames in the United States.

    Conservo-Distance frames are 100% inert and free from harmful off-gassing materials. They can be manufactured to any size, and they ship with an aluminum backing, aluminum spacers, and UV acrylic glazing.

    Halbes can be fit quickly and easily without tools or specialized training and can be used over and over again. They can save you time and money when framing collections exhibitions, and they’re ideal for use in university art departments and galleries.

    Using the Halbe Protect frame platform, pictured here, Paradise Framing can design and build a fully functional microclimate package. A gasketed interior metal tray contains archival corrugated boards with cutouts for desiccant packets and Bluetooth data loggers and then sealed with laminated UltraVue glass from Tru Vue.