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  • Frame works on paper up to 24×32 inches into our beautiful rental frames. You can fit the artwork yourself or have us mount and fit them for you using the same archival materials and methods that we use in all of our custom frames. All of our rental frames are safe for long term use and are conservator approved for the preservation of artworks on paper. They use UV filtering acrylic glazing and contain no harmful off-gassing materials.

    Browse our selection of available frame styles & sizes, choose any additional hinging and matting services, submit your wishlist, and a member of our team will follow up with you. Once your exhibition is over, simply remove the works from the frames and return the frames to Paradise. If you’ve sold the artwork with the frame, no problem, you can purchase the frame and we’ll apply a credit for the rental fee! Rental periods range from 6 days for art fairs, benefit auctions, and pop-up exhibitions; 1 month for gallery shows; & up to 3 months for museum exhibitions.

    22 x 28 Hinging with 4ply overmat

    Price: $152.45

    Description: Archival and reversible hinging to 4ply cotton rag museum board for artwork up to 20" x 26", 508mm x 660mm, with 4ply archival cotton rag overmat for artworks that will be fit into 22" x 28" frames. Please allow for a minimum of 1" of mat around window. Purchase only.

    Quantity: 1000

    Dimensions: 22 x 28

    Hinging and Matting: Choose a related hinging or matting package below.