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    Paradise is a picture framing and paper conservation studio serving fine art institutions, artists, galleries, and collectors in Los Angeles and beyond. We are the only framing studio in California to have paper conservators on our team & we ensure that every project that we complete is guided by current best practices for the preservation of fine art.


    The quality of our closed-corner custom frames is exceptional. Each of our custom frames is handcrafted in house and finished to your specifications. Each frame is lined to inhibit acid migration from the wood moulding & fitted with ultraviolet light filtering glazing. We use reversible water-based wheat starch hinging for most works on paper and seek out conservation approved alternatives when necessary.


    Paradise Framing is not just dedicated to the protection of artwork through high-quality framing, we also offer in-house paper conservation services. Works on paper are particularly vulnerable to damage from inappropriate framing, display, and storage conditions. Conservation services can improve the appearance of an artwork and extend its lifespan for generations of enjoyment.


    Halbe frames are archival, can be fit easily without any tools or experience, and used over and over again. We have them available in seven different imperial sizes designed to fit works on paper up to 24 x 32 inches with shipping across the United States. We also carry tools and supplies to help you safely and archivally mount your artwork at home.


    The most affordable and archival way to frame artwork for exhibitions. Our first-of-its-kind rental program uses Halbe frames and our in house mounting and fitting services to help you lower exhibition framing costs by 20% or more over our competitors custom framing prices. Rental periods from 6 days for art fairs and up to 3 months for museum exhibitions.