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    Our conservation staff can assist you with many issues and treatments common to works of art on paper. We offer free consultations in person or by phone, to discuss treatment needs and provide a rough verbal cost estimate and treatment proposal. Upon receiving delivery of the artwork to examine in person, we will collect a nonrefundable $100 documentation fee that covers all assessment, photography, and report writing. This fee will be credited towards your total treatment cost. Conservation treatment is charged at $175 per hour.


    I. Close examination of the artwork and its condition issues in need of repair

    II. Documentation of every artwork before and after treatment

    III. Identification of media, print process, or artwork materials and techniques

    IV. Treatment to address many common concerns, including:

    Surface cleaning of dirt and debris

    Mending of tears and other physical stabilization

    Washing to reduce overall discoloration and restore flexibility to the paper support

    Bathing in carefully-calibrated aqueous solutions to target severe discoloration

    Local treatment to reduce stains from water and tape

    Removal of attachments and previous restorations

    Humidification and flattening to reduce wrinkles and undulations

    Loss compensation for areas of media loss and other aesthetic reintegration treatments

    Each treatment varies in length and will depend on the condition of the artwork and extent of intervention required.


    Madison Brockman, Paper Conservator at Paradise Framing, holds a Master of Science from the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, with a major in Paper Conservation and a minor in the conservation of Library and Archive materials. The conservation of works of art on paper includes a wide variety of art and artifacts, including prints, drawings, documents and ephemera, photographs, and books. Madison has worked in many prestigious California institutions, including fine arts museums, special collections libraries, and private practices. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Madison is dedicated to the preservation of our shared creative and cultural history.


    What is paper conservation?

    Conservation is a field that melds art with science, and encompasses all the actions taken toward the long-term preservation of cultural heritage, including examination, documentation, treatment, and  preventive care, supported by research and education (AIC). Paper conservators specialize in works on paper, including prints, drawings, and ephemera, as well as photographic materials and books.

    Do you treat materials other than works on paper?

    We treat photographs and bound objects/books as well – please schedule a consultation to discuss your object further. For other artwork types, we can refer you to a reputable paintings, objects, or textiles conservator.

    How much does conservation treatment cost?

    We begin with a free consultation to learn more about your artwork’s needs and to provide you with a rough cost estimate and treatment plan. We begin treatments with a nonrefundable $100 documentation fee that covers all examination, documentary photography, and report writing. Treatment is billed at $175/hr. The $100 deposit will be applied as a credit toward your total treatment cost.

    How can I get a treatment proposal for my object?

    We can discuss your artwork and provide a rough cost estimate and treatment proposal over the phone – schedule a consultation here on our website. If you then choose to proceed with treatment, the artwork must be delivered to the studio to complete a thorough examination and generate a more refined cost estimate and treatment proposal. Treatment will begin only after you sign off on the written proposal.

    What if I decide not to proceed with treatment after paying the $100 examination deposit?

    The $100 documentation fee is a nonrefundable deposit. As such, if we examine and document your object and you decide not to have your object treated, we will not be able to refund the amount.

    How long does treatment take?

    Every treatment is different, because every artwork is different! Some treatments can be carried out in a single day, while others may take a month or more to complete. Schedule a free consultation for a more precise estimate.

    I only need an examination and condition report for insurance, acquisition, or documentation purposes. Is that possible?

    Yes, we will thoroughly examine and document your artwork to generate a condition report for a $200 fee, up to the first two hours. Beyond that, we charge a reduced consultation rate of $125/hr.

    Do you only treat works of art or do you conserve family heirlooms as well?

    We treat all works as if they are equally valuable, and welcome treatments of family photographs, artworks, and ephemera as well as those from recognized artists.

    I don’t live in the Los Angeles area; can I send in my artwork for conservation?

    While shipping artwork does pose some risks, we do accept shipments to our studio – contact us for scheduling. Choose a reputable shipping carrier and be sure to pack your object well to avoid damage from shock, poor handling, and extremes or rapid changes in temperature and relative humidity.

    I’m an artist; are you available for art material and storage consultations?

    Yes! We love working with artists, and are happy to lend our expertise. We offer a reduced consultation rate of $125/hr – contact us to schedule a consultation.

    I’m a collector/gallery; are you available for preservation assessments and surveys?

    Yes! We are happy to work on-site for collection assessments and educational activities. Our conservator has experience with surveys, prioritizing preservation needs, and advising on storage and rehousing projects, as well as making preventive conservation recommendations for safely transporting or displaying works of art. We offer a reduced consultation rate of $125/hr – contact us to discuss your needs.

    Do you appraise art?

    No – conservators are ethically bound to avoid appraising artworks, according to our professional body’s Code of Ethics which guides our work. Appraisals are considered a conflict of interests and contrary to the belief that objects should be treated with the same care, regardless of monetary value. We can provide a referral if needed.