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    Madison Brockman, Paper Conservator at Paradise Framing,  holds a Master of Science from the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, with a major in Paper Conservation and a minor in the conservation of Library and Archive materials. The conservation of works of art on paper includes a wide variety of art and artifacts, including prints, drawings, documents and ephemera, photographs, and books. Madison has worked in many prestigious California institutions, including fine arts museums, special collections libraries, and private practices. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Madison is dedicated to the preservation of our shared creative and cultural history.


    Conservation treatment is charged at $175 per hour, with a nonrefundable $100 documentation fee that covers all assessment, photography, and report writing. Our conservation staff can assist you with many issues and treatments common to works of art on paper.

    In-house conservation services include:

    • I. Close examination of the artwork and its condition issues in need of repair
    • II. Documentation of every artwork before and after treatment
    • III. Identification of media, print process, or artwork materials and techniques
    • IV. Treatment to address many common concerns, including:
      • A. Surface cleaning of dirt and debris
      • B. Mending of tears and other physical stabilization
      • C. Washing to reduce overall discoloration and restore flexibility to the paper support
      • D. Bathing in carefully-calibrated aqueous solutions to target severe discoloration
      • E. Local treatment to reduce stains from water and tape
      • F. Removal of attachments and previous restorations
      • G. Humidification and flattening to reduce wrinkles and undulations
      • H. Loss compensation for areas of media loss and other aesthetic reintegration treatments

    Each treatment varies in length and will depend on the condition of the artwork and extent of intervention required – contact us for a consultation and estimate.