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  • Halbe’s innovative magnetic frames have been in wide use in Europe since 1973. You may have seen them on a Bernd and Hilla Becher photograph or in countless European galleries and institutions. In 2021 Paradise Framing partnered with Halbe to become the exclusive distributor of Halbe frames in California and the only distributor on the West Coast of the United States. We have launched 3 new programs to provide affordable and environmentally friendly framing solutions utilizing high quality inert and archival Halbe frames which can be fit safely and easily by the framing novice and re-used over and over again.


    If you’ve ever seen a Becher photograph, you’ve seen a Halbe frame. They are an essential tool that every artist and gallery should have in their studio and back room. They can be fit easily and safely by the framing novice and can be used over and over again. They’re perfect for quick framing for that next studio visit, group show, or client meeting.


    No more paying for custom framing before you know if a work is going to sell! We fit your works on paper into our beautiful Halbe rental frames using the same archival materials and methods that we use in all of our custom frames. Once the exhibition is over, simply remove the works from the frames and store or ship them in their archival mounts. If the work has sold you can even purchase the frame at that time.


    Paradise Framing can design and build any exterior moulding on top of the Halbe Protect frame platform to provide a fully functional microclimate package. A gasketed interior metal tray contains archival corrugated boards with cutouts for desiccant packets and bluetooth data loggers and sealed with laminated UltraVue glass from Tru Vue. Built to spec, email us for a consultation.