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  • Michael Cataldi
    Founder and CEO

    Michael opened Paradise Framing in his artist studio after completing his MFA at UCLA in 2015. Prior to moving to LA for graduate school, Michael was a preparator at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He loves working with artists and designing special details for their framing that become signatures for their works. The first example of that work is the x spline that he designed with artist Kelly Akashi. That was such an important project that we made into an icon that accompanies our logo. When Michael is not at Paradise, which is rare, he likes surfing and hiking with his partner and their dog Dusty.

    Madison Brockman
    Conservation Coordinator

    Born and raised in Long Beach, Madison returned to Southern California after studying art history and science at UC Berkeley to gain more experience working in some of LA’s most prestigious art institutions. She earned her Masters of Science degree in Paper Conservation from the Winterthur/University of Delaware graduate program. When she’s not spending time outdoors or watching movies & Dodgers games with her partner and their Chihuahua mix, she applies her chemistry skills to fermenting strange things in her kitchen. She likes to listen to KCRW and true crime podcasts while she’s helping us build our conservation program and treat each unique artwork.

    Nicole Alvarado
    Conservation Coordinator

    Nicole is a book and paper conservator. She earned her MA, CAS from SUNY Buffalo State and her BA from St. Mary’s College in nearby Brentwood. Nicole listens to audiobooks and podcasts in the studio. When she’s not treating works on paper or attending one of our weekend hinging parties she enjoys bookbinding (obviously), woodworking, gardening, and hanging with her friends, her cat, and her family in her hometown of Pico Rivera.

    Sara Rouse
    Operations Coordinator

    Sara is an artist, writer, and archivist. She earned her BFA from the University of Tennessee, her home state, and her MFA from the University of Chicago. When she’s not working with clients or training her coworkers on new software at Paradise Framing she spends her time making art, gardening, exploring her neighborhood, and learning new things. At Paradise, she really enjoys working with artists and collectors who bring their own creativity and ideas to their projects and loves seeing the finished works through their eyes. In the office, she listens to Alice Coletrane, Arthur Russell, and in true Tennesee form, Dolly Parton.

    Lana Sternick-Mandell
    Production Coordinator, Lead Carpenter

    Lana grew up in rural New England and earned her BFA from Maine College of Art in Woodworking and Furniture Design. She settled in LA following a 13 week cross country road trip. The most exciting project that she’s worked on since joining Paradise Framing in January 2021 was a 24 hour turnaround rebuilding and refinishing a frame that arrived in LA for an exhibition from a shop in NY that didn’t fit the art. While she’s working in the woodshop she may be listening to Norah Jones, or Norwegian Black Metal, it just depends on the day. When she’s not here at Paradise Framing she enjoys making art, cooking, learning new languages, and snowboarding.

    Aryana Minai
    Production Assistant

    Aryana was born in LA and raised in Iran. She returned to the city and attended Art Center College of Design as an undergraduate. At Yale, where Aryana earned her MFA, she fell hard for papermaking. When she’s not at our studio she can be found in her studio, out thrifting, or cooking and eating with family and friends. Her favorite project to work on was framing an exhibition for the Hammer Museum featuring works from the print collection that ranged between 1505-2015. When she’s in the woodshop she loves listening to Lana’s ever-changing and diverse playlists.